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Relaxology : introduction

In our society we tend to consider relaxation as a luxury, procrastination, laziness or a mixture all. This is why I use the term Relaxology.


Definition: relaxology is the art of unlocking tensions (physical, mental, emotional) in order to perform anything under the best conditions. The more you release tensions, the easier it becomes to create and work in a healthy, fluid, efficient way.


It is a state of openness, where everything flows more naturally : intuition, creativity, clarity. You can easily rich deeper levels of concentration, focus … you become sharper minded using less energy to perform better results.

In opposition … in a closed state, tensions and stress create blocks that prevent us from breathing, thinking correctly… it might affect our posture and create pain… that affect our productivity, intuition, capacity to concentrate. Letting blocks and tensions adding up, it might create health issues.

The secret?

Studies show that one simple exercice repeated 6-8 times daily is as beneficial as one hour of training. Repetition during the day and consistency are keys.

For the same reason that we don’t brush our teeth one hour once a week because tartar builds up continually, we should be more mindfull of our tension state in order to help our body return to its natural state : that is relaxed

For this, we use 3 supports:

  1. Body: movement, stretch, self-massage
  2. Breath, Oxygen is not only food for brain but also for the whole body. Breath is the best tool to either stimulate, relax or balance our state.
  3. Mind

Disclaimer : Those practices are for people in good health.If you have any specific health issue, please consult your health specialist. Your practice under your own responsibility.



These are very simple exercises to implement within your daily tasks (at your computer, between your pomodoro (set of concentration), waiting for the bus/ train, at the coffee break, preparing your meals, etc.
Quick body scan (observe how it feels to be in your body right now: tensions, differences right left, temperature, pain, etc)

  • Rock feet


Head & neck stimulation


  • Eyes : eyebrow stretch
  • Rolling your shoulders back


Breath work

In the ancient text, it is said that if we control our breath we control our mind. Breathwork is the easiest way to stimulate, relax and balance the mind.
This exercice comes from yoga and is used to deepen our concentration and sharpens our focus. Let’s practice together: